Clash of Clans Strategies

Did you go through the first part of these tips and tricks? Well if not, then, you must first read the Tricks and then you can continue with the Strategies.

6. Using your Shield

Using your Shield

The shield is an important part of this game. The strategy you want to deploy with your shield is always crucial. You can opt to let your enemies attack and take away a star for free while it will enable your shield for next 12 hour. Now using the shield is very much important because with the help of these you can pile up your cash using the collectors during the time when there will be no attackers attacking you due to your shield. But a common question that will make you puzzle is that whether to give away your shield time and go for attack or should you wait till your shield goes out.

The answer can be found through some calculations. Like you need to upgrade you collectors, need to check the time left on the collectors as well. This will come with the gaming experience. You can also hack clash of clans using our tool for unlimited resources. You will eventually see that, even if you have 6 upgraded collectors on your side still you will earn a lot while you will attack simultaneously rather than the amount earned from those collectors utilizing your full shield time of 16 hours. This only you can do if you have good attacking power. So you need to calculate whether it will be wise for you to attack or just sit back and enjoy your shield time.

You should always remember a few things like the amount of DE you are going to lose, in case you leave your town hall exposed. But as you know, no pain, no gain, like wise if you want to go for farming to earn DE you must leave your town hall for the enemies to attack. But in case you have 3 DE drills upgraded to level 6 and level 10 town hall, then you can be sure that it will produce more DE in less time and this is when you can opt to stay down till your shield goes out. Even if you have 2 drills, that should be okay for you to earn enough DE in quite a less time.

7. Overtraining


This is another kind of trick that is known to all the pro players and this can be really useful. There is a option of queuing your troops for training in your barracks. The number of troops you can train will definitely depend on the upgrade level of your barracks but this will give you another way to save your time and also will help you to hide your resources from the enemies while you are not present at the village. This technique can really help you in 2 scenarios.

Whenever you go out for raid, make sure to use your training queue to maximize your benefits. The units such as PEKKA and the Dragons will take long time to get trained and the troop who will be at the queue top will start processing the wait time even if there is no room. You can work this to your advantage easily and when you will be back to the training ground, you will have a stronger troop ready for you.

Normally an attack will take upto 3 mins of time with an additional time of 30 secs. In the mean time if you can set up enough troops for training, they will certainly be trained within that time. In this manner there will be more than enough troops available when you are back to the village and also if you can use the DE troops, you will gain a lot more benefits. You can then opt to have simultaneous raids and there will be no wait time between them, as your troops will be ready to attack your enemies.

8. Dropping the troops on Teslas

Dropping the troops on Teslas

Well, this is a kind of problem which you can also use against your enemies as well but first you need to make sure that you understand it well enough so that, you won’t be fooled with this problem. This is basically because of the update produced by the SuperCell. According to them, now anyone can drop troops over the Teslas if and only if there are no walls or buildings close enough to them. This is as I said can be used against you as well as for you. Make sure to keep this in mind while placing your teslas and try and find out some Teslas in the opponent’s base where you can drop some troops directly on them. This will keep your enemies distracted and then you can execute your plan of attacking your enemy right at their heart. This strategy really can work and can prove to be deadly if you can use it with enough intelligence and planning.

9. Enticing mobile defenses

Enticing mobile defenses

While you plan to attack your enemy, you need to take care of the troops in the opponent’s clan castle and also the heroes. They will certainly hurt you and can seek the attention of your troops whenever they attack. To get away from this kind of situation is to deploy your own army in parts. You can deploy a part for drawing the attention your enemies and when they will not be able to defense their castle you can always opt to use a powerful spell to wipe out the whole enemy troop. But remember that these spells can cost you closer to 20K. So spend up your money wisely. You need plan your attack in such a way that your enemy would not have any chance to retrieve. Make sure to give them a couple of troops to play with and speed up your attack from the other fronts and finish the war once for all. This kind of strategy can be very useful when you take into account wiping out the opponents troops and Heroes. This way they won’t have their shield as well.

10. Wallbreaker AI

Wallbreaker AI

You must have noticed the change in the behavior of the Wallbreakers. This has come under the light since they the 3.54 patch was introduced. You can deduce the fact as intelligent attacking but you can also discover the fact that there are still some weaknesses which you can exploit while you are attacking your enemy. The weakest of the facts that you can understand easily is that, they will attack only the closer target that they can latch on. So you can deploy a dummy target for them to play with. In the other hand you can use this fact to your good effect while you are under a raid. These wall breakers will save your time and strength and also will protect your valuable items from getting harmed.


So, I hope that these tricks and tips will be helpful enough for you to go on and start winning like a pro in the field of clash of clans. Try to utilize your own strategies and you will get more success rather than following these plans. So, start making plans, keep the good work going and win your way to the top.