Clash of Clans Tricks

Clash of Clans has been one of the favorite of my games. And as the time has gone by, I have learnt from my mistakes and thus I have made up some important of the strategies that can proved to be useful for your game. You can use these tips and strategies to their full extent and get the best of the benefits when you play your game and you will feel the difference from the other players very soon or you can also use the clash of clans hack and build a great COC Base faster.

1. Dark Elixir
Dark Elixir

The first and foremost important part is to protect your precious liquid from the other players while you take part in a clash. The game will introduce a Wall Breaker Elixir Bank when the housing space is increased upto 2 for the Wall Breakers. The troops of Dark Elixir can have 3000 Dark Elixir but those are only available for the highest upgrade level. But when you are at the lower level you must use your intellect to sneak past your enemies and protect your stuff to your best possible capability and whatever number of troops you might have in your Elixir barrack.

2. Don’t quit, excel with a good strategy
good strategy

Even if you are losing, you must not think about quiting a game. But, there are people who will surely quit. And this is where your strategy of farming will pay of. The first thing you need to do is spot the villages which are abandoned. You need to acquire enough skill to utilize your 30sec of free inspection time to find out most of the abandoned villages. You need to practice a lot to become a master of this art. Here are the things you must be looking for:


These will indicate that, one of your other competitors have already visited that place and there could be some traps waiting for you. So, the best thing to do is stay away from these places and play smart.

League Badge:
League Badge

This is another indication from which you can easily decide whether a player is playing, attacking and winning or not. If you see any clasher without any badge you can understand that it is safe to get out there and start winning as those players won’t be active at that time.

Sleeping builders:
Sleeping builders

This is another brilliant aspect of this game and you can use it to for your benefit. Every player must have at least 1 builder busy in the process of upgradation. If you can find a teritory where the builders are all sleeping, then you can assume that the chief of that area is not there and you can certainly attack those places.

Gold Mine and Gold Bin:
Gold Mine

This is another property of the game, which must be used by every gamer. Whenever you see a Gold Mine, take a closer look at it. You will definitely find a bin on the right hand side of the cart. Now this actually indicates the amount of gold in the mine. Now, as the mines with higher level will take a lot of time to become reactivated, you can check for those bins which are almost full or totally full. In this situation you can assume that the village should be empty and there won’t be anyone waiting to give you surprise attack.

When you locate abandoned villages, you must find out how much resource you can get from that village. This way you can first point out the villages which are empty and then you must earn your resources. But always make sure to use the troops in a very calculated way. This will help you to progress with the easy way of farming.

3. Timeout and device settings
device settings

When you face a situation where your shield is low and you cannot get back to your village, always try and deploy your defense strategies to survive the brutal attacks. In this kind of situations, the best way possible to evade any kind of danger is to have the longest timeout you can have. Though there is a new feature added to the game, known as Personal Break but this is not always helpful, especially when you are not really invulnerable. If you can take timeouts, it will definitely save your resources. So it is always important to try and adjust the timeout settings to 5 mins for your device. This will save you from unnecessary loss that you can suffer while in an idle period. After the timeout is complete you will need to restart your game. Even though this strategy is good enough to save yourself, but this strategy can really take out your battery fast and this is where you can use this strategy when you play for a limited time duration.

4. Resource manipulation: collectors vs storages
collectors vs storages

You need to use your storages and collectors with a good strategy. It is important to understand the value of your resources and learn to maintain them with good tactics. There will always be lesser numbers of storages available compared to the collectors. So as you gain your attack and defensive powers, you need to manipulate them and calculate them so that a lesser number of resources are left vulnerable.

• Percent Advantage comparison:
if your storage is under raid, your enemies can steal maximum or 20% of the Elixir or the Gold amount that you will store, but in case of collector that amount can go up to 50% even. In case of Dark Elixir, one will risk only 6% if stored in storage but if you store them in the collectors, you can lose 75% of the Dark Elizir stored.

• Resource Capabilities:
There is a limit of maximum 200-400K of Gold or Elixir that can be stored in the Storage.In case of Dark Elixir, you can store only 1.2-3k in the storage. The collectors do not have any kind of upper limit of the storage amount in case of both GOLD and Dark Elixir.

So, whenever you check back to your village, make sure that you move your resources to the storage, that way you will be able to keep your resources safe. You can customize your strategies in such a way that, whenever your shield is down, you can move all of your resources to the storage, but obviously according to the limit of the storage. In terms of attacking, you can also use this strategy. You can choose those villages to attack which have more storages than the other villages.

5. XBow utilities
XBow utilities

If you own the Xbows, then it can prove to be an added advantage to your defense. These are really brutal to use and has a good enough range to take out the attack of any enemy, but all you need to know is the correct time to attack your enemy. For this you need to have a good plan and you will be on the top of your enemies for sure.

XBow Empty:
In case of a clash, if you find out that, the Xbow is empty, that means the arrows are used up by the owner of the XBow and you do not need to worry about that at all. You can be absolutely sure that there is no threat coming from those XBows.

XBow Angle:
XBow AngleXBow Empty

You can find 2 significant settings of XBows. One will let you to target both the ground and the air enemies and the other settings will hit only the ground enemies. Whenever the XBow is in the level position, it will never harm any troops that are off the ground and in case of angled up settings, both the ground and the air enemies will be under the gun. So you can use these two settings according to your need and make a good strategy to take out your opponent.

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