Defensive Buildings

In Clash of Clans, having a strong defense is more Important.Defenses serve to defend trophies and secure assets from foe troops. Every safeguard has its qualities and shortcomings, and its area in your town may as well reflect that. For example, the compelling Mortar is moderate terminating, yet bargains mind boggling sprinkle harm to ground troops.

A downside is that it can't attack troops inside four tiles of itself (or air troops whatsoever) - so it ought to be set in the inside of your town with sufficient assurance from Air Defenses. On the other hand, Cannons and Archer Towers bargain lesser measures of harm to gatherings (as they can target and hit stand out unit at once) however attack faster also fill in as a successful first line of safeguard. The Wizard Tower bargains unbelievable sprinkle harm to both ground and air units, however has a generally short extend.

Cannon  Archer Tower  Mortar  Air Defense  Wizard Tower
Hidden Tesla  X-Bow  Inferno Tower  Walls  Traps

Resource Buildings

 Resources are the currencies used to purchase and upgrade assets. The game has four different resources; gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems.

Gold, elixir and dark elixir all have buildings that are used for storing and generating them.

Gold Mine  Gold Storage  Elixir Collector  Elixir Storage 
Dark Elixir Drill  Dark Elixir Storage  Builder's Hut

Source: Clash of Clans Wikia

Army Buildings

The Army section of the in-game shop that will impact the strength of your attacking army, allowing you to win more attacks.

All buildings from the Army section require Elixir or Dark Elixir to build.

Army Camp Barracks  Dark Barracks  Laboratory
Spell Factory  Barbarian King Altar  Archer Queen Altar

Other Buildings

These buildings are those that are none, of these hostile, preventive, or asset giving. Be that as it may, they are all in all as basically significant. The Town Hall, case in point, is the heart of the town and directs what structures you can have, what number of them you can have, and how far you can redesign them. The Clan Castle, then again gives you a chance to unite with different players in a tribe. Enhancements are there to beautify your town. Obstructions are trees and rocks which could be found in your town. Clearing them will off and on again provides for them you Gems.

Town Hall Clan Castle  Decorations  Obstacles

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