Barbarian Archer Goblin

Level 1 troops are brisk to prepare and are generally shabby. They likewise have a quite low measure of hitpoints and don't separately do much harm. All in all, they are utilized within substantial swarms and stun the foe in numbers rather than force. This makes them extraordinary for going against large amount, single-target defenses; since these turrets can just kill one foe unit at once, a substantial gathering can involve the turret for a lot of time while the Level 1 troops crush everything. In any case, they are not overall suited for sprinkle harm defenses, for example, Wizard Towers and Mortars, as swarms of Tier 1 troops can regularly be disposed of in a solitary shot.

Giant Wall Breaker Balloon Wizard

Level 2 troops are none, of these as solid as Tier 3, nor as frail as Tier 1. Level 2 troops are additionally a great deal more particular then either Tier 1 or Tier 3, furnishing Wall Breakers for getting through Walls, Wizards for astounding (however delicate) firepower and Giants and Balloons to explicitly bring down defenses. Blow ups are likewise the first flying unit accessible in the amusement. These troops structure the spine of numerous armed forces since they outperform in their given specialization, are by and large strong enough to survive a few opposing attacks and are not as excessively estimated as Tier 3.

Healer Dragon P.E.K.K.A

Level 3 troops are the strongest and most influential non-brave person troops in the amusement, equipped to devastate a whole town with just a couple of troops. On the other hand, they are additionally to a great degree unreasonable to prepare, and take an exceptionally long opportunity to prepare. By and large, a swarm of Level 5 or 6 barbarians or Archers might be about as adequate as these troops, while setting back the ol' finances considerably less and being speedier to prepare. On the other hand, these troops are not as helpless against Mortars and Wizard Towers and consequently utilized frequently.

Minion Hog Rider
Valkyrie Golem Witch

Source: Clash of Clans Wikia

The accurate force of Dark Elixir! Dull Elixir troops were into the diversion on the March twelfth 2013 overhaul. They are likewise amazingly exorbitant to prepare for Dark Elixir is quite elusive. They must be prepared in the Dark Barracks.

Barbarian King Archer Queen

Brave person troops are the most influential troops in the diversion. They are undying, importance you just need to prepare them once. Be that as it may, in the event that they have been crushed they must recover keeping in mind the end goal to battle once more.

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